Parkmore GLF immune cell booster



Yeast (inactivated), Yeast products, Dextrose, Colza oil, Clinoptiloite of sedimentary origins

Gauranteed Analysis

Crude Protien                      46%

Crude Fiber                         1.8%

Crude Fat                            2.6%

Crude Ash                           5.5%

Moisture                             6.0%

Lysin                                    2.5%

Methionine                         0.5%

What is Parkmore GLF

Our GLF is a scientifically proven, proprietary product composed of readily available, balanced and highly purified nucleotides exclusive from dss global, llc.

The specific formulation of nuceoltides in PSB complex is of central importance and ensures superior effects on common equine conditions and physical challenges.

Neuleotides are found in all living cells of the body, the building blocks of DNA and RNA.

Nucleotides are involved in almost all cellular processes " Cell Proliferation"

For a single cell division approximately SIX BILLION nucleotides are required.

With Parkmore GLF,  horses will  show an ability to recover faster to after strenuous exercise. They will have improved oxygen intake. Trainer's will see a reduction in muscle injury or fatigue and in Lactic acid levels.

Horses will heal more quickly from surgery, a wound or fracture and will be healthier under unusual stress or activity.

The Horse's natural immune response will be enhanced to protect and maintain their health and well being.

Foals will be healthier, develop more rapidly with better development of Bones and organ systems. Foals will have an enhanced immune system and see an improvement in nutrient absorption.

As they get older cell division and replacement of dead or damaged cells slows down, therefore, adding Parkmore GLF to the diet of older horses will help them, recover their vitality and be more active, energetic and display a more playful attitude.


Feeding Instructions

Horses:  30 grams per day for 10 days periods as needed.

Maintainence: 10 grams per day

Foals: 5 grams per day through 10 days post weaning.  

We cannot and will not replace sound veterinary advice or medication prescribed. However, we could provide a sensible solution complimentary to veterinary treatment. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian without delay.