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Parkmore devil's own detox steam activated charcoal

Our steam activated charcoal powder is made from superior quality hardwood imported from Eastern Europe. 

It is a complete "Re-Set Re-Boot" for your horses system.

WHY Detox ?

Simply put Steam activated charcoal is natures own binding agent. Anything not easily digestible is bound and transported out of the system. Because it is all natural, unlike many other products, it leaves no residue in the system to hinder the horse and no issue relating to dependency.

A positive side affect is an improved work ethic and better attitude of their new found lack of discomfort.

Back to basics, common sense horsemanship, the dietary requirement based on work rate/ genetic type/body weight whilst keeping the equine diet as close to nature as possible.

A 10 day programme allows a Natural "re-set re-boot to the system. Testing procedures showed us that this was the best path to positive results with this product.