Formulas you can trust

Formulas you can trustFormulas you can trustFormulas you can trust

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Formula's you can trust

Clinics & Training

Over the past 30 years  Fleur has worked hard to not only improve her training skills but also to better understand how to communicate those skills to young riders and amateurs. She believes in the use of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. Breaking down the steps in a fun way keeps the rider's attention and reduces  stress ensuring happier horses and more productive sessions. A FORMULA  YOU CAN TRUST

Horse Imports

Since we brought our first Irish horses over in 1999 Fleur has worked tirelessly to formulate the absolute best method for matching rider to horse. She  works with a small selection of trusted breeders and producers in Ireland and works tirelessly in the US with the buyer to ensure they not only get the perfect horse but that the horse get the perfect home. Organizing the entire trip right through nutrition for the horse upon their arrival in your Barn. 


Parkmore Feed supplements

Several years ago following some deep sole searching about many of the problems he was seeing in horses, Fleur's brother with the help of some friends set out to repair horses from the  inside out. It was the revelation that many of the behavioural issues and some injuries were as a direct result of a poor diet. His motto has become 

Your diet is your medicine chest.

Having watched closely the results of his work Fleur made the decision to begin production right here in Kentucky.

We are now helping horses and their owners all across the country. Reducing health issues and decreasing the cost of their monthly feed bills.

About Us


Trainer Fleur Bryan

Trainer Fleur Bryan

Trainer Fleur Bryan

Irish native, Fleur Bryan has an eye for the perfect rider and horse combination. Click on the image above to read more about Fleur and how she got started.



Trainer Fleur Bryan

Trainer Fleur Bryan

Fleur is available to host a clinic at your farm. Contact us today for more information.


Horses For Sale

Trainer Fleur Bryan

Horses For Sale

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